9 Days

With a wide variety of habitats and climates, Iran is the perfect destination for wild birds. Bird watchers can enjoy being in the presence of over 517 species. In addition to Pleske’s Ground Jay (the only true native species), you will also see near-native species such as the Red-tailed wheatear and the Sind-Pied woodpecker.

The Bird Life International community contains 105 important bird areas (IBA’s), as well as:

  • Hundred lakes and wetlands
  • Unique Hyrcanian forest
  • Mountainous habitats as high as 4,000 meters
  • Sandy dunes deserts
  • Semi-tropical mangrove forests
  • Over 50 endangered species

Our tours are tailor-made to ensure you see important birding areas of the country, including protected areas and wildlife refuges.

Additional information

LocationSemnan, Tehran

Day 1: Arrival

On the first day, you will arrive at the IKA Airport in Tehran and be transferred to a hotel.


Day 2

The second day, we will travel to Semnan.


Day 3

You will be driven to Parvar protected area for birdwatching. In the late afternoon you will drive back to Semnan.


Day 4

We will take an excursion to Molla-Deh and Roudbarak areas to birdwatch in habitats with higher altitudes. In the afternoon you will drive back to Semnan.


Day 5

You will take a morning drive to Touran National Park, which is located in the northern parts of Dasht-e kavir desert. We will stay here for three nights at a local house.


Day 6

Day six will be an exciting day of wildlife watching in Touran National Park. We will primarily look for Pleskes Ground Jay, which is native to Iran deserts.


Day 7

This will be a full day of wildlife watching in Touran National Park. We will look for rare bird species and mammals.


Day 8

On the eight day, we will drive back to Tehran. During the afternoon you will have free time for shopping and to rest.


Day 9: Departure

You will return to the IKA Airport for a departure flight.


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