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Iran is home to two vast deserts; the Kavir-e-Lut (Lut Desert), and Kavir-e-Markazi (Central Desert). These two deserts cover over 360,000 square kilometers of land, primarily in the central parts of Iran. Filled with sand dunes, salt lakes, date trees and flocks of camels, these two massive deserts are relatively unknown to many parts of the world.

There is also a vast network of strategically placed Caravansaries along the ancient trade routes and salt flats of Kavir-e-Markazi.

If you want to enjoy the magnificent nature of Iran, touring the safaris and ancient lands through these caravan routes will be the experience of a lifetime.

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LocationDamghan, Isfahan, Mesre Village, Na’in, Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd

Day 1: Arrival

You will arrive at the IKA Airport in Tehran and travel to a hotel to stay overnight.


Day 2

We will drive to Damghan. On the way, we will pass through Firuzkuh and Semnan. Next, we will visit the Tarik-Khaneh Mosque in Damghan, Cheshmeh-Ali, the Assassins Castle at Gerdkuh, and Mehman-Doust Tower.


Day 3

We will drive to the Kavir (desert) through Sar-e-Kavir, Jandagh and Khour.


Day 4

Day four will consist of a full day excursion to Mer Village, Garmeh and light trekking through the sand dunes, finishing off with an overnight stay at a local house.


Day 5

We will drive to Na’in, visiting Chah-e-Kharboze, Anarak Caravanserai on the way. Then, we will continue the drive to Na’in and visit the 10th century Friday Mosque.


Day 6

You will be driven to Yazd, which is the center of Iran’s Zoroastrian community for a full day of sightseeing. We will be sure to highlight important monuments around the city.


Day 7

We will drive to Shiraz, stopping at a charming desert town called Abarkuh. Then, we will continue with our travels to visit Pasargadae and arrive in Shiraz in the afternoon to visit main monuments.


Day 8

In the morning, we will take an excursion to Persepolis, then return to Shiraz for sightseeing and visit the Vakil Bazaar.Then we will go to the airport for a flight to Isfahan.


Day 9

We will have a full city tour of the amazing city of Isfahan, which is the 17th century capital of the Safavids. You will see historical sites and monuments, ending with the Qeisarieh Bazaar, which contains hundreds of shops where you can buy Isfahan’s world famous arts and crafts.


Day 10

In the morning, we will drive to Tehran, visiting the pleasant town of Natanz and the desert town of Kashan. You will see some of the best examples of existing “badgirs” (wind-catchers) here.


Day 11

We will have a full day visit to some of Tehran’s famous museums and experience beautiful views of the main streets.


Day 12: Departure

You will be taken back to the IKA Airport for a departure flight.

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