9 Days

On this tour, we visit the heart of Persia, Shiraz. We will bask in the glory of its main attractions such as gardens, art, and literature. We will venture to mosques and bridges as well as old and historic landmarks. On this excursion, museums and palaces await our arrival!

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LocationIsfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Tehran

Day 1: Arrival

Once we arrive in Shiraz, our tour guide will transfer us to the hotel.


Day 2

In the morning, we go to Arg-e Karim Khan and Pars Museum. We will then wander to shops such as Vakil bazaar and Saray-e Moshir.

In the evening, we will go to Nasir al-Mulk Mosque.


Day 3

Today we visit major Iranian attraction, Persepolis. While we are here, we will also visit Naqsh-e Rostam.

Once we head back to Shiraz, we will visit the tombs of Hafez and Sa’di.


Day 4

Today, we head to Isfahan and visit the burial grounds of the ancient Persian King, Cyrus the Great.

We will then continue driving onwards to Isfahan.


Day 5

Today we embark on our full day tour of Naqsh-e Jahan Square. We will also visit mosques of Abbasi and Sheikh Lotollah and palaces of Ali Qapu and Chehel Sotoun.

We will also make our way to Isfahan Bazaar.


Day 6

Today we visit the 17th century Vank Cathedral. We also make rounds to Isfahan Jame Mosque and in the evening, travel to Si-o Se Pol and Kaju bridges.


Day 7

Via our trip to Tehran, we will visit the cities Abyaneh and Kashan and view main attractions in each.

We will then arrive in Tehran.


Day 8

After breakfast, we head to northern Tehran to see palaces of Sa’d Abad and Niavaran.

We will then go to Darband, a mountainous trekking area to break for lunch.

Our final visit of the day will be the tallest structure of Iran, the Milad Tower.


Day 9: Departure

On our last day in Tehran, we pay a visit to Golestan Palace.

Our next destination will be the Archeological Section of the National Museum.

After we break for lunch, we will see the Crown Jewels Museum, have some time to walk around, and the fly back home!


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