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On this trip, we marvel at the beautiful nature Iran has to offer. From forest trekking in the north and desert explorations in the center to mountain climbing in the southwest, we will venture into the historic cities of Shiraz, Isfahan, and Kashan. This can be an opportunity to become acquainted with the culture as well.

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LocationAnzali, Isfahan, Kashan, Kelardasht, Shiraz, Tehran, Yasuj

Day 1: Arrival

We will meet with the tour guide who will then transfer us to the hotel.


Day 2

We will be given a city tour of downtown Tehran as well as visit the shops and dwell in the local lifestyle. We will then stop at Golestan Palace, a famous heritage attraction which reflects the last four century history of Iran.

Lastly, we visit Iran National Museum which embraces thousands of years of culture and civilization.


Day 3

We visit the outskirt of Tehran and walk through the green villages of Alborz Mountains. Along with our trek, we take in the view of the mountain peaks, springs, and waterfalls.


Day 4

Via the road of Chalous, we view the forests of the Caspian Coast. Kelardasht attractions provide beauty of the Alam Kouh Mountain which is the second tallest peak in Iran.


Day 5

We will drive about a half an hour with 4WD vehicles to arrive at Vandarbon Village, a rural and nature infused area. Upon gasping at great views, we drive to the capital of Gilan province, Rasht City through Abbas Abad Forest.


Day 6

We will walk through the forest before coming to Rudkhan Castle, a brick and stone medieval building southwest of Foman City.

In the evening, we will boat in Anzali Lagoon which is most popular for birdwatching, including birds of rare species.


Day 7

We drive to Tehran and fly to the city of poetry and beautiful gardens, Shiraz. Shiraz is home of where the first Persian Empire was born as well as two well-known Persian poets, Hafez and Sa’di.


Day 8

Today we see all of what the city of Shiraz has to offer such as Arg-e Karim Khan (a castle), Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Hamam (bath) and Vakil Mosque. Built in the 18th century, this was when Shiraz was known as the Zand dynasty capital.

We then go to visit Eram Garden which is known as a world heritage site known for its set of magnificent flowers, tall cypresses, myrtles and various cascades. This is also where Tomb of Hafez, a famous 14th century poet, is kept.


Day 9

We drive to the attractions of Persepolis and Pasargadae. Persepolis is home of the first born Persian Empire and holy grail to Persian heritage.

Pasargadae is known for its pilgrimage for Iranians to host the tomb of Cyrus the Great who founded the Achaemenid Dynasty.


Day 10

We drive to Yasuj the capital city of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. Located in South West Iran, we get to it by driving through the city of Nourabad. Our day will consist of hiking and trekking through oak trees.


Day 11

We visit Zagros mountains in Dena and walk through wild palms and oaks. The sight of wildlife is even a possibility!


Day 12

Drive to Isfahan to embrace the Islamic art and architecture shown in mosques, bridges, gardens, and churches.

In the evening we will visit 17th century bridges of Si-o Se Pol and Kaju.


Day 13

Today will consist of a city tour of Isfahan as well as a visit to attractions such as Naqsh-e Jahan Square containing mosques, bazaar, and palaces.

We will also view Chehel Sotoun Palace located in a Persian garden.


Day 14

Along our way to Kashan we will stop by Abyaneh, an old village in Iran.

We will then continue our drive to Kashan, an old city on the verge of the desert filled with gardens and old houses. Upon being in Kashan, we will visit Fin Garden.


Day 15

On our last day of trekking, we visit Maranjab Desert and walk on sand hills.

We will then break in Abbasi Caravanserai and drive on to Tehran.


Day 16: Departure

Today we end our journey and fly back home.

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