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This trip will bask in the glory of iconic monuments which commemorate Persian history. Starting from Shiraz in the south, we become acquainted with different sites from various historical periods. Our trail will take us on the likes of ancient ruins, temples, and palaces to mosques and churches.

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LocationAhvaz, Ardabil, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Tabriz, Tehran, Urmia, Zanjan

Day 1: Arrival

Arriving in Shiraz, we will then transfer to our hotel. Once settled in, we will begin the day of a full tour in Shiraz.

Our first site is Nasir al-Mulk Mosque and then visit the location of when Karim Khan Zand chose Shiraz as his capital. Along with this, we will see the Zand dynasty seat of government, and Vakil Complex.

Following these sites will be a travel to Eram Garden.


Day 2

We will visit the remains of Persepolis and tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae.

Then we will drive back to Shiraz.


Day 3

Today we drive to Southwest Iran where the Elamites founded the first kingdom in Iran.

As we make our way to Ahvaz, we see the remains of city of Bishapur and Tang-e Chogan (the Valley of Polo).


Day 4

In the morning, we venture to the cities of Shushtar and Shush. We then visit Haft Tepe and break for lunch.

The rest of the day will consist of seeing the Elamite temple and our last site, Tomb of Daniel the Prophet.

We then drive back to Ahvaz.


Day 5

We leave for Kermanshah and will make stops along the way to enjoy the view. As we continue to move north, we will begin to see the Zagros Mountains.


Day 6

We head to a major world heritage site, Bisotun. Here we will see the statue of Hercules and proceed to head back to Kermanshah where we see Taq-e Bostan.


Day 7

Once here, we will interact with the Kurdish population. In order to get to Urmia, capital of West Azerbaijan, we will pass through Sanandaj and Mahabad.


Day 8

After spending the night in Urmia, we will drive to regions populated by the Azeri people.

We will then drive to Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan, and see sites such as Tomb of Shams Tabrizi and Armenian Monastic Ensemble along the way.


Day 9

We spend the morning in Tabriz and see the Tabriz Grand Bazaar.

In the afternoon, we will drive about 60 km out to visit Kandovan.

We then finish up the day and drive back to Tabriz.


Day 10

Today we drive from Tabriz to Ardabil and then to Sarein.

Once we are in Ardabil, we visit Sheikh Safi Shrine.

Once we finish lunch, we will then drive on to Sarein, the Iranian city of spas.


Day 11

In the morning, we head to Zanjan to visit the Gonbad-e Soltaniyeh, one of the tallest adobe domes in the world.

In the afternoon we will shop in the bazaar and visit Ethnographic museum of Zanjan.


Day 12

Taking off from Zanjan, we head to Takab, home of one the three most important Zoroastrian fire temples.

We will then go to Belgheis Mountain.


Day 13

Visiting Takab Cont’d.


Day 14

We visit the city of Tehran and the history it has to offer. We will visit the museums and Golestan Palace.

We will then see 19th century house, Abgine Museum, which is currently used as museum of ceramics and glass of Iran.

Our final site of the day will be Milad Tower.


Day 15

In the morning we head for Kashan from Tehran and walk around the town.

Our first site is Fin Garden, one of the most historic sites in Iran.

The rest of the day will be spent seeing other historical landmarks, seeing a carpet show of Persian weavers, and shopping.

We will then retreat to Isfahan.


Day 16

Today on our last day of touring, we see Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Vank Cathedral, and Isfahan Jame Mosque.

Amidst our sites, we also visit Armenian heritage in Isfahan.


Day 17: Departure

You will fly back home.
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