12 Days

On this journey, we explore the Persian culture by visiting all the historical capitals. We will pay visits to jaw-dropping monuments and hear entrancing stories, rich in history.

We will start our excursion in the capital of Iran, Tehran to see its museums and continue on to Ecbatana, the ancient capital of the Medes. Another capital we will make our way to will be Susa which is also the oldest in Iran. Next on our venture will be Shiraz, capital of Zand dynasty and followed by our last stop, Isfahan.

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LocationAhvaz, Hamedan, Isfahan, Kashan, Kermanshah, Khoram Abad, Nishapur, Shiraz, Shush, Shushtar, Tehran

Day 1: Arrival

We will arrive in Tehran and visit the Archeological Section of National Museum.

Our next visit will be Abgineh Museum.


Day 2

Our second day in Tehran will involve visiting Golestan Palace as well as museums of Crown Jewels and Carpet.


Day 3

After breakfast, we will drive to ancient capital of Medians, Hamadan.

In the afternoon, we will visit the remains of Ecbatana, Alavian Tomb Tower and Tomb of Avicenna.


Day 4

We leave Hamadan in the morning and head towards Kermanshah. En route, we will visit Anahita Temple in the city of Kangavar. Here we will visit Bisotun and Taq-e Bostan.


Day 5

We drive to the city of Ahvaz in the morning and venture across the Zagros Mountains near Khuzestan Province.

On our way to Ahvaz, we will see the capital city of Khuzestan to visit Falak-ol-Aflak Castle.

We will continue driving through Pol Dokhtar and visit a third century bridge.

We will then drive on to Ahvaz.


Day 6

We will first visit Haft Tepe and then visit Susa. Near Susa, we will also see Choqa Zanbil.

As we return to Ahvaz, we will pass through Shushtar.


Day 7

In the morning, we will drive to Shiraz, also known as the capital of Zand Dynasty.

On our way to Shiraz, we will make stops at Bishapur and Tang-e Chogan.


Day 8

Today, we will see Shiraz by visiting mosques, gardens, and mausoleums.

We will see the Mosque of Nasir al-Mulk, Arg-e Karim Khan, a citadel, Pars Museum, Vakil Complex, Eram Garden, and tombs of Sa’di and Hafez.


Day 9

As we drive to Isfahan, we will see attractions of Persepolis such as the Achaemenid Empire and Cyrus the Great’s burial place in Persian’s first capital city, Pasargadae.

Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab are the two other sites we will make our way to today.


Day 10

As we are in the capital city of Safavid Dynasty, our first day will be spent visiting Nash-e Jahan Square and seeing the mosques of Abbasi and Sheikh Lotfolla. We will also see the palace pavilion of Ali Qapu.

We will also visit Chehel Sotoun Palace.


Day 11

Once we eat breakfast, we will see the Vank Cathedral in Armenian Quarter.

We will also pay visit to Jame Mosque of Isfahan and in the evening enjoy the Isfahan social life. We will also see bridges of Sio Se Pol and Khaju.


Day 12: Departure

We end our tour in Tehran and pass through villages of Abyaneh and Kashan.

We will make our very last stop at Imam Khomeini Mausoleum and then fly back home.


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