8 Days

On this excursion, we will tour through the following marvelous sites in Tehran:
Golestan Palace Other Highlights: Imam Reza shrine. Torghabeh, Hazrat Masoumeh shrine, Jamkaran holy mosque, Imam Khomeini house, Saad Abad palace, Carpet Museum, National Museum, Jewelry Museum.

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Day 1

Fly to Tehran and arrive at IKA Airport. We will then be transferred to the hotel in Qom (110 km).


Day 2

Today we pay a visit to Hazrat Masoumeh Holy Shrine, Theological High School, Imam Khomeini House, and Qom.

We will start in the morning visiting Iran’s second holiest Muslim shrine, Lady Masoumeh Holy Shrine. We will then venture to our next site, Imam Khomeini’s House where a famous leader and founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran resided. We will then head to Qom and visit carpet shops that are uniquely Qom-designed and consist of the highest quality carpet in Iran.


Day 3

Today we will visit Jamkaran Holy Mosque and the Farewell Ziarat Hazrat Masoumeh Holy Shrine.

After breakfast, we will transfer to Jamkaran Holy Mosque and then head back to Qom. Our free time will consist of shopping and seeing Ziarat Hazrat Masoumeh.


Day 4

Today we will pay visit to Saad Abad Palace, the Carpet Museum, National Museum, and Jewelry Museum.

Our morning will begin with a trip to Tehran (135 km) and pay a visit to the first royal building in Tehran, Unesco World Heritage Golestan Palace. After this site visit, we head to the Grand Bazaar of Tehran and walk through the busy marketplace of Iran. Once we finish lunch, we will visit the Crown Jewelry Museum of Iran where various jewel collections of the world are kept such as gemmed thrones, royal crowns, swords, and diamonds. Our evening will then consist of transferring to Mehrabad Airport to fly to Mashad holy city. Once we arrive there, we will then transfer to the hotel.


Day 5

On this day, we will visit Torghabeh, Tous, and Imam Reza Holy Shrine.

Our morning will begin with venturing to Torghabe, a countryside of Mashhad, and a visit to Ziarat Imamazade Yasser and Nasser. After heading back to Masshad, we are free to wander at Ziarat Imam Reza.


Day 6

Travels to Neyshabour (Mahrough Mausoleum, Qadamgah), and Imam Reza Holy Shrine.

Our morning begins with our first visit to Neyshabour. We will then visit Mahrough Mausoleum and on our way back to Mashhad, visit Qadamgah. Qadamgah is the location Imam Reza stayed on his way from Medina to Tous.


Day 7

On today’s half day city tour of Mashad, we see Kouh Sangi and Vakil Abad. Our afternoon will then be free to wander for shopping and a final visit to Ziarat of Imam Reza.


Day 8

We will transfer to the airport in the morning to fly back home.


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